Student and Campus Life Contribution

All students must pay a “Student and Campus Life Contribution” (CVEC) of €92 to the Creteil branch of the CROUS before carrying out their administrative enrolment.

Proof of payment – or of non-payment for exempted students – is a mandatory supporting document that must be included in administrative enrolment applications.

Students wishing to enrol on an undergraduate program must pay this contribution to the CROUS.

Services for University Students

Administrative Enrolment

This essential administrative procedure enables you, after admission to your programme, to acquire student status. Until you have enrolled and paid your tuition fees, you are not considered a student. Administrative enrolment also entitles you to benefit from all the services offered by the University.

Administrative enrolments begin in July and continue until the end of October each year.

Information and administrative enrolment platforms can be found at: http://www.u-pem.fr/inscription-et-scolarite/sinscrire-a-lupem/les-etapes-de-linscription-administrative/

Academic Enrolment

This takes place at the beginning of the academic year after administrative enrolment and is essential for your choice of options and for taking exams.

Academic enrolment is carried out at the Academic Secretariat of each training course.

For certain programs, academic registration may also be possible online.

Students who change courses during the year will need to repeat the administrative enrolment procedure.

Documents Issues During Enrolment

You will receive several important documents when you enrol:

Your student card

After submitting your supporting documents and paying the enrolment fee, you will receive your student card.

Your student card is proof of your administrative enrolment and allows you to:

  • Borrow books and pay for your photocopies in the library
  • Pay for CROUS services and meals in the restaurant after adding credits to it
  • Benefit from discounts linked to your student status

Don't lose it! It is valid throughout your university studies at Université Gustave Eiffel. Also consider scanning it or making copies of it.

If you no longer have your card, you must request a replacement (cost: €15, except in case of theft).

To do so, go to: http://www.u-pem.fr/inscription-et-scolarite/vos-demarches-annulationremboursementtransfert/

Further information about the Izly card: www.izly.fr

Enrolment Certificate

After submitting your supporting documents and paying the enrolment fee, you will receive your enrolment certificate.

You can print out your enrolment certificate from your digital work environment (ENT).